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ActBC - How can you help?


The need right now

There are opportunities to partner with us right now as we seek to share the Gospel and see churches planted in the Urban West Midlands

These include:


-        Opportunities to give to two land/property projects to ensure that our churches are resourced for Gospel mission with appropriate facilities.

-        Gospel workers looking to raise support and one context where funds will enable us to support a worker over the next 3 years.

Sending and Coming

-        We are looking to progress with one church revitalisation project where we will be talking an active lead over the next few years. We are looking for 15-20 people to join this replant.


-        We are also aware of another potential church revitalisation that may happen by 2020.


-        We are continuing to look for potential pioneer planters willing to start from scratch and start Gospel communities.



-        Please join us in praying for the above needs. Pray particularly for conversations with the members of the church where a revitalisation is about to begin. Pray that we will together be encouraged by the joy of the Gospel.

-        Pray for Nueva Vida, the Spanish language church plant started in 2015. Pray that they will begin to see a clear group of maturing leaders emerge to take this work forward.

-        From the 1st July -8th July we are joined by a team by Normandale Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas who will be helping us with outreach In support of the Bearwood Chapel congregations and Nueva Vida as well as helping us being to build community relations in the area where the revitalisation project will happen.


Get In Touch

-      If you are interested in partnering with us by giving, praying, sening or coming then please contact Dave Williams by phone  on 07791622122 or email dave [at] bearwoodchapel.org.uk .

-     You can also stay in touch by signing up for our newsletter.