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Getting Involved

We welcome all visitors to the Chapel whether you have been a Christian for many years or have no previous experience of church.  Just have a look at the different events that happen and come along or get in touch via the contact page for more details.

Our Sunday morning meeting includes worship and teaching and is open to anyone to attend.  During the meeting, we usually celebrate communion and anyone who can say that they love Jesus and acknowledge him as Lord and Saviour is invited to participate in this.  Others who are a still unsure about faith are welcome to observe what happens and use the opportunity for personal reflection.

We believe that church is not a consumer activity rather, we operate as an extended family, encouraging one and other, caring for those in need, and most importantly working together to proclaim the good news about Jesus.  If you share our aims and values and agree with our Statement of Faith, then we would encourage you to ask about Church membership.  Membership enables Christians to formally identify with the local church and to commit to serving one another in the church family.  Members take on responsibility for specific ministries and have a say in the decision making process and selection of new leaders.

For more information about getting involved please do speak to one of the leaders or use our contact page.

You may also want to download this article about why church membership is important.

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