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Act Bc Time Line


-        Bearwood Chapel members agreed to begin multiplying congregations, initially using the same building but with a view to planting externally.

-        The 930 Service, 11:15 Morning Worship and Sunday Night Church launched

-        Hannes Ramsebner joins Bearwood Chapel as a member and trainee worker. After training with the Chapel and Union School of Theology Hannes returns to Austria as a pastor in Linz (from 2017).


-        Community Café Opens


-        Engagement with South American community leads to partnership with Jose Galindes and with support of Raglan Road Christian Church, Nueva Vida is launched

-        Afternoon congregation launched (this currently functions as a monthly “Messy Church” event).


-        West Midlands Urban CPI Hub launched. In 2019, CPI is brought under the wing of Counties UK as the Counties Planting Network


-        Bearwood Chapel host a Union GDip Learning Community for 2 years. 7 individuals are trained for Gospel ministry


-        Bearwood Chapel begin employing Hannah Girling as a Communities and Families worker.

The Future

-        We are currently exploring the possibility of launching an urban vocational training programme. This will hopefully be piloted from September 2019.

-        We are in conversation with West Smethwick Community Church with view to a revitalisation project launching in 2020.

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