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PlantBC - Pioneer Planters

We are looking for pioneer planters to move into communities and neighbourhoods where there is currently no or little meaningful Gospel witness.


The conventional way of planting churches at the moment is that a larger church sends 30 -50 people out ready with a pastor, worship group and Sunday Club team to meet in a venue in their local community. This is a good way of planting churches. However, it has its limits

  • It is dependent upon large, wealthy churches
  • The new churches are likely to be planted in communities where those churches haver existing members. These are often student and graduate areas.

We are looking to reach communities where there is no meaningful witness.

  • There is unlikely to be a large church nearby with significant resources to give away.
  • The communities will be off of the natural migration path of students and graduates.
  • A large group of people coming into the area to worship are likely to be seen with suspicion.

So we are looking for …

People who

  • Could move onto a street or into an estate and simply start to make friends, show love and begin to talk about Jesus with their new friends.
  • Begin to gather people starting in their home as a small group/missional community that may lead in time to a church.

You would need to be able to raise your own financial support either through paid work or encouraging others to support you. In prayer and giving.

We would

  • Offer mentoring and fellowship as you set out.
  • Help you to access appropriate training for your calling
  • Help you to communicate your needs as you seek to raise support
  • Partner with you to help you in outreach.

If this could be you:

  1. Talk with your own home church leaders to test the calling
  2. Get in touch with Dave on 07791 622122 or via his email address dave@bearwodchapel.org.uk

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